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      1. How can I access the lessons?

        • First, you should have an account in the Let's Talk About Him! Bible study platform. After creating your account, you must log into the Bible study platform with the username (or email) and password that you used when you created your account so that you can enroll in the study series of your interest to take the lessons. These are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they do not expire.

      2. How can I create a new account on the Let's Talk About Him! Bible study platform to take the lessons?

      3. Can I create an account for my family members on the Bible study platform using the same email that I used to create my account?

        • No. You must create an email account for your family members. You should ensure that you have access to those emails so that you can confirm their new accounts on the Bible study platform, receive notifications (if any), etc. Each participant must have a unique email. The security of the Bible study platform does not allow the use of the same email address for two participants.

      4. I created an account on this Bible study platform, but I can't remember my username or password to access the lessons. What should I do?

      5. I created a new account and / or requested a new password, but I have not received the confirmation message in my email inbox yet.

        • Check your spam (junk) folder.

      6. I have already created an account and enrolled in the study series. What do I have to do next?

        • After logging into this Bible study platform with your username (or email) and password, go to the study series you signed up for to take the lessons which are organized by tabs. When you have approved all the lessons you can download your certificate. Tutorial # 13 on this page explains how to download your certificate.

      7. I am having trouble to access the lessons. What should I do?

        • In order to access the lessons you must have an account on this Bible study platform. If you haven't done it yet, go to tutorial # 2 on this page that explains how to do it. If you have already created an account go to the next item.

        • Enter your username (or email) and password to access the study series. If you do not remember your username or password, instead of creating a new account, read / watch tutorial # 4 on this page to reset your password, etc.

        • AFTER login with your username and password you can go to the study series (for example Basic Bible Doctrine course) to take the lessons which are organized in tabs. After completing the learning activity (quiz) of all lessons you will be able to download your Certificate. If you need help to download your Certificate see tutorial # 13 on this page.

      8. Are the courses through videos or by chat?

        • To take the lessons, you just need to read an online text and go to a quiz to select the correct answer. No videos, chat, etc. After completing all quizzes you will be able to download your Certificate. If you need help to download your Certificate see tutorial # 13 on this page.

      9. When can I start doing these lessons?

        • You can start doing the lessons immediately. These are available 24/7.

      10. Can I attempt a quiz and finish it later?

        • If you start answering the questions on the quiz, but then decide to take it later on another occasion, you will need to finish attempt because your answers are not automatically saved. If you want additional time, just press the "Finish attempt ..." button to save your answers and continue the quiz later. When you return, you can continue answering the quiz questions. After finish the attempt you have to submit the answers. You can start the next lesson immediately or later if you wish.

      11. I failed a quiz. How do I know what my wrong answers were? Can I re-attemp it?

        • Immediately after submitting your answers you will receive a report with the score obtained and what your incorrect answers were (if any). You have three (3) attempts in each quiz. The highest score will be your final grade.

      12. How can I view my grades (score)?

      13. How can I download my Certificate?

      14. How can I update my personal information such as first name, surname, email address, etc.?

      15. I downloaded the certificate but cannot open it. What I can do?

        • The Certificate is in PDF format so you should have a PDF reader. We recommend you to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. It's free. You can download it from Make sure to disable optional offers like McAfee if you do not want to install them.

      16. Can I install an app on my smartphone to access the lessons?

      17. How much is the cost of these lessons?

        • These lessons are free. Proverbs 23:23 - "Buy the truth, and do not sell it,"

      18. I finished the lessons. Are there more courses available that I can take, including some more advanced or for children?

        • On the home page of this Bible study platform you will find all the courses that we have available at this moment.

      19. I do not have a device with an Internet connection that allows me to take the lessons online. Is there a way to download and / or print the lessons?

      20. How do I invite other people to join me in studying these lessons?

        • You can create an account for them or share this link so they can create their accounts. Each participant must have their own account. Tutorial #2 on this page explains how to create a new account. If you are creating an account for someone else, you must log out of your account.